Emerging Technologies

In-home technology is stretching way beyond your wildest imagination. If not yet available for homes, many of the latest emerging technologies already are being used in some capacity and likely will make their way into homes in no time. Here, five high-tech innovations that will make you excited about what the future holds.

1) Light-up flooring and furniture
LED-enabled carpets that light up when you walk on them seems like an idea better suited for a sci-fi movie. But don’t be surprised if this technology becomes available for the home in the years ahead. Intended for use in hotels and other public buildings, light-transmissive flooring could add an exciting new twist to your interior design and space.

2) Gesture control
For anyone who has ever dreamed of having a super power, you now can get pretty close. PointGrab has developed PointSwitch technology, which allows you to control everything from your lamp to your television just by pointing your finger. How does it work? It creates a transparent, touch-friendly space in front of you at a distance. With this technology in your home, all you’ll have to do is point and your home will respond.

3) Conversing with appliances
Thanks to LG’s Home Chat messaging service— which is being integrated into the company’s new line of connected smart-home appliances—you can have a text message chat with your refrigerator, robotic vacuum or washing machine. How cool would it be to start a load of laundry remotely, or ask your vacuum when it last cleaned your home?

4) Fingerprint security
Frequently used in corporate settings to guarantee restricted access, fingerprint readers now are available for the home. If you use one, you can expect to say goodbye to your keys and door locks forever. You also will never again have to worry about keeping children out of a wine cellar or other restricted space.

5) Smart windows
This technology is a great solution to managing the rising costs of heating and lighting. Smart Glass turns from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button or turn of a switch, eliminating the need for window shades and curtains.